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SCHMITZ: Yeah. I asked a lot of people about this this week. And most people here told me a slightly different version of the same story. Earlier this week, I spoke to Emily Shi, a local Hong Kong resident who works as a flight attendant. And here's what she told me. SCHMITZ: She's saying here that a lot of people have been protesting in Hong Kong in recent years, and it's really gotten nowhere. She says the government isn't willing to change. And she doesn't see things getting better any time soon as China tightens its grip over the city. And as that happens, young professionals like Emily are becoming more and more frustrated. And it's interesting, nearly everyone I spoke to in the local Hong Kong neighborhoods that I visited this week were not complaining about their political rights. They were complaining about their economic rights. Emily is a good example. She's 27. She's married. Both she and her husband are employed, yet neither of them can afford to buy even the tiniest apartment in the neighborhood where they grew up. Property prices here are some of the highest in the world. And locals blame an influx of wealthy mainland Chinese, who they say are buying up property, making it impossible for them to thrive.

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